I am currently a marketing major! I am also a singer/songwriter and released my first single "Goddess" -Diamond Armani in December of 2021. I have worked along side many brands helping them to build and start their business by creating logos for them, creating websites, providing resources such as vendors and other business essentials, and even worked alongside brands as an ambassador. The most trill I have had being in business so far is networking and meeting new people. Both customers and other business owners. I have learned and I have grown and I have networked. I have made new friendships and meaningful connections with people around the world that I would never trade. I pride myself on communication and learning and trying new things. 

My name is Diamond. I started my business my freshman year of college in 2019. I started off by drop shipping as a clothing boutique and selling clothing, lashes, and hair. Eventually I earned enough to get the products on hand. I wanted to expand my brand by establishing an online presence and opening op new ways for people to buy my products, view my products and allow more payment methods. It was time for me to get a website and become more official. I self learned how to create my own website because I was super eager to launch it. I stayed up literally a full weekend in my dorm room figuring out how to build and working on creating my first ever website. From there, I found a new interest in building and creating websites after having a pretty great time doing mines and seeing other people wanting and needing some done to for a low cost and getting great feedback on mines. Content was a major thing for me as well and I have a very creative mind. It moved from being a hobby to something I wanted to actually pursue. 

Elite Legacy LLC